Wednesday, July 15, 2009

hurray for new vegetables!

There are these great purple Mung beans growing in the garden that I have hereto been unaware of. Josh informed me just the other day that they were in abundance, and I ventured out back to find them today.
I harvested all that I found and was preparing too cook them with some spring onion (bounty from Josh's gig at the farmer's market) and fennel (another new spice i've been incorporating into my cooking because its rampant in our garden), when suddenly the tables turned. Andy, the neighbour whose house we were watching last week came by with some things we had left at his place. Earlier that day, we had dropped off some dishes of their's that had made their way into our kitchen, and a fresh baked loaf of molasses bread (I'll share some recipes when i've perfected it). He had a couple cups (notably the travel beer mug) and a few ingredients we'd left behind after making a carrot cake there: butter and shredded coconut.

I sauteed the beans (which unfortunately turned green when cooked, I should have taken a picture of them in the pan!) in butter with fennel, spring onion, and coconut. WOW.

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